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Personal Styling from a Fashion Insider

After many years of working with the fashion who’s who, I decided to make my business personal. I offer a personal styling service to men and woman, that is fun and easy! Many people find shopping very daunting, this way you can lean on a professional who makes the overwhelming task of re vamping your personal style a walk in the park.


We would arrange a meet at your home where we would sit down and chat about your lifestyle and what you are looking to achieve according to your budget. I would then go through your wardrobe with you and we would put outfits together with your existing pieces and work out what your wardrobe is missing.


Now that we are armed with a shopping list and a fierce coffee buzz we hit the stores and have a fun afternoon selecting pieces that work FOR YOU, your shape, budget and lifestyle. We work through looks and outfits that encourage you to be more confident, stylish and well put together.


We then get our hands dirty and re pack and re organize your wardrobe so that your new looks are easy to access. We also do style cards that you would keep to remind you of how to put your fabulous looks together and also serve as inspiration for getting ready for work or an event.

Pricing works according to time spent and needs of the client. I cater for all clients from high street to designer shoppers or a combination of both!

For a quote please email or call 0785 5110990



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  • LaReine Mulder - 3 years ago

    Hey K!! How are you babe? Looking fabulous as always!
    I would love to have you help me with my wardrobe when you’re back in Jozi!
    Pls let me know when you’re available! xx